“HEXACHORDIA” Early Music Trio at Boston Grammar School PE21 6JE on 21st December 2021 at 7.30 pm there is parking on site (Rowley Road entrance).


Tony Scheuregger – Tony studied for a music degree in Cambridge where he specialised in composition. Having worked for some time as a classroom music teacher, Tony went on to write music for video and television, including a number of title tracks for Virgin video books and the main TV channels. His interest in early music goes back to the mid 1970s but was re-engaged in the mid 1990s when he formed the costume band, Minstrels Gallery, with whom he has recorded six CDs. Tony now concentrates on plucked string instruments and has studied lute with the internationally-acclaimed lutenist Jacob Heringman. 

Sarah Doig – Sarah’s musical education started at an early age after she pestered her father, an accomplished pianist and organist, for piano lessons. She later learned the cello and studied the organ with Harrison Oxley at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Sarah undertook a music degree at Lancaster University, specialising in medieval music under Professor Roger Bray. It was whilst a student that she swapped the cello for the double bass. Sarah’s double bass playing continued during her fifteen years in London. She has since transferred her talents to the viol family and to the lute. Sarah also owns and plays virginals modelled on Queen Elizabeth the First’s own keyboard instrument. 

Jane Scheuregger – Jane is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer. She was Head Chorister of St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir, achieving a St Cecilia senior choristers’ award. As a student Jane performed at many music festivals and orchestral courses, and played principal bassoon with the Suffolk Symphony Orchestra. Jane has played recorder for most of her life as well as specialising in shawm, crumhorn, bagpipe and curtal for many years with costume band, Minstrels Gallery, which she formed with husband Tony. Jane’s experience as a choral singer is used to bring a “natural” singing style to her performances with Hexachordia.

Tickets are £12 in advance or at the door . They can be ordered in advance from 01205 366018 or from bostonconcertclub@gmail.com Students and children can enter free of charge.


IN THE FIELDS IN FROST AND SNOW Music, mirth and merriment for the festive season in words and music performed by Hexachordia

Veni Veni Emmanuel – Anon

When I See Winter Return – Colin Muset

Angelus ad Virginem – Anon

From “A New Year’s Gift to Sir Simeon Steward” by Robert Herrick, 1628

On the Cold Ground – John Playford

Jolly Shepherd – Thomas Ravenscroft

In the Fields in Frost and Snow – John Playford

From “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare

Hollis Berrie – Anon

Ah Robin, Gentle Robin – William Cornish

“Then Comes the Day” by Thomas Kirchmaier, 1553

Basse Dance Magdalena – Pierre Attaingnant

Coventry Carol – Anon

From “Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry” by Thomas Tusser, 1573

Gaudete – Anon

From “A New Year’s Gift to Sir Simeon Steward” by Robert Herrick, 1628

Personent Hodie – Anon

Saltarello – Anon

“All This Night” by William Austin (1587-1633)

The Lute Book Lullaby – William Ballet

Es ist ein Ros’ Entsprungen – Michael Praetorius

“King Herod and the Cock” (English Traditional)

Ballet des Coqs – Michael Praetorius

In Ducli Jubilo – Michael Praetorius

The Waits – John Playford

From “The Anatomie of Abuses” by Philip Stubbes, 1583

Sussex Carol – Anon

From “A New Year’s Gift to Sir Simeon Steward” by Robert Herrick, 1628

The Lord Souche’s Maske – Thomas Morley

Drive the Cold Winter Away – Broadside Ballad


Stella Splendens – Anon

“Make We Merry” (English Traditional, before 1536)

Bring us in Good Ale – Anon

From “The Form of Cury” (fourteenth century MS)

From an anonymous, fifteenth-century poem

Pease Branle – Thoinot Arbeau

Montard Branle – Micha von Wolgemut

“Ceremonies for Christmas” by Robert Herrick, 1648

Sans Day Carol – Anon

Galliard, The New Year’s Gift – Anthony Holborne

“A Christmas Garland” (Anonymous)

Recercada Segunda – Diego Ortiz

From “A New Year’s Gift to Sir Simeon Steward” by Robert Herrick, 1628

Branle d’Officiel – Thoinot Arbeau

“Wassail the Trees” by Robert Herrick, 1648

Here we Come a Wassailing – Anon


Tony Scheuregger – lute, renaissance guitar, gittern, recorders, tabor, pellet bells, voice

Sarah Doig – viols, vielle, recorder, voice

Jane Scheuregger – voice, recorders, crumhorn, bagpipes, shaker, gittern, shawm

Contact: 01603 454402 & 07786 057484; info@hexachordia.com; www.hexachordia.com

Hexachordia will be happy to answer your questions about the music and their instruments during the interval and at the end of the concert.

They also have their CDs (£10 each) and their book about early musical instruments (£3) on sale today.